Oberseminar AG Kontinuierliche Optimierung

Montag, den 03.07.2023 um 10:30 Uhr Konferenzraum (R107),

Vortrag von Dr. Willem Esterhuizen (TU Ilmenau) mit dem Titel:

„Convergent homotopies for discrete-time optimal control“

Homotopy methods are attractive due to their capability of solving difficult optimization and optimal control problems. The underlying idea is to construct a homotopy, which may be considered as a continuous (zero) curve between the difficult original problem and a related, comparatively-easy one. Then, the solution of the easier one is continuously perturbed along the zero curve towards the desired solution of the difficult problem. We propose a methodology for the systematic construction of such zero curves for discrete-time optimal control problems drawing upon the theory of globally-convergent homotopies for nonlinear programs. This framework ensures that for almost every easy solution there exists a suitable homotopy path that is, in addition, numerically tractable. We demonstrate the results by solving a difficult path planning problem.