Areas of responsibility


Lending and ordering, periodicals

Vera Kirchner Room 112 +49 5323

Fire Prevention Officer / Safety Officer / Evacuation Officer

Dr. Henning Behnke Room 203 +49 5323

Business trips

Business trip requests and travel expense claims for the working groups:

Applied Statistics and Data Science, Mathematical Modeling Vera Kirchner +49 53 23 72-24

Continuous Optimization, Numerical Analysis Ulrike Mastmann +49 53 23 72-20

Scientific Computing, Teacher for Special Assignments and for Out-of-Office Ina Küster +49 53 23 72-24

Stochastics Sarah Ruckriegl +49 53 23

First Aid Officer

Vera Kirchner, Room 112,  +49 5323 72-2403,

Sarah Ruckriegl, Room 113, +49 5323 72-2567,

First aid kit in all secretariats and in room 111 (access with 2-key)

Budget and Finances

General budget matters, procurement matters, budget and project funds management, account reconciliation, account assignment of debtors and creditors, accounting matters, petty cash Vera Kirchner +49 5323

Administration of study quality and university pact funds, account assignment of debtors and creditors, accounting matters Ulrike Mastmann +49 5323

Media Technology

Support for media technology in the event

Replacement of small parts (connection cables) Ina Küster +49 5323

Multifunction devices

Support incl. toner supply for the Ricoh multifunction devices in rooms 111, 202,

Staples and paper - order via the secretariats


Personnel matters and recording of working hours/vacation Tariff personnel and lecturers Ina Küster +49 5323

Student and certified assistants Ulrike Mastmann +49 5323

Rooms and buildings

Internal room booking system (MRBS), processing of event dates and room bookings (tuc.hispro), damage reports and rectification of defects in the building, management of the locking system, access authorizations Ina Küster +49 5323

Ulrike Mastmann +49 5323


Creation/changes Bernd Mulansky +49 5323


Teacher training, mathematical colloquium, student seminar Ulrike Mastmann +49 5323

Events of the working groups by the corresponding secretariats

Course catalog

Creation/modification of events in the study portal (tuc.hispro) Dr. Henning Behnke +49 5323