On the following screenshots the program components of the call center simulator are shown in practice.

(The individual images can be enlarged by clicking.)

Model editor

List of client types
Editing a client type
List of call centers
Editing a call center
Editing an agents group

Model information

Distribution of the fresh calls
Available work force
Agents shift plan
Estimation of the accessibility based on Erlang C

Simulation results

Results overview
Comparison of the waiting and the residence times of the different client types
Waiting times over the day
Workload of the agents
Results table
Comparison of the workload of the call centers
Generating reports
Comparison of two models
Idle time over the day

Call center optimizer

Configuration of the optimizer
Optimization progress
Course of the accessibility
Course of the number of canceled calls
Before-after comparison

Further functions

Batch processing
Simulation server
Variance analysis
Import of clients arrivals from a table
Connected simulation for multiple days
Template-based import of multiple data from a workbook

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