Function plotter

Supported constants

The constants Pi (=3,1415...) and e (=2,7183...) will be recognized.

Supported operators

The usual basic arithmetics +, -, * and / as well as the modulo operator % will be recognized. Point before dashes is taken into account and brackets are recognized.

Supported functions

sin(x)Sine of x (x is assumed to be radian)
cos(x)Cosine of x (x is assumed to be radian)
tan(x)Tangens of x (x is assumed to be radian)
asin(x)Arcus sine of x (x is assumed to be radian)
acos(x)Arcus cosine of x (x is assumed to be radian)
atan(x)Arcus tangens of x (x is assumed to be radian)
sqrt(x)Square root of x. If x is negative, NaN will be given.
log(x)Natural logarithm of x.
abs(x)Absolute value of x
ceil(x)Rounds x to the next higher integer value.
floor(x)Rounds x to the next lower integer value.
round(x)Round x to the next integer value (up or down).
exp(x)Calculates ex with e=2,7183...
random(n)Gets a random number from the interbav [0, n).
fac(n)Calculates n! (Factorial)
min(a,b,…)Calculates the minimum of the given parameters.
max(a,b,…)Calculates the maximum of the given parameters.
pyt(a, b)Pythagoras function, i.e. c in "c2 = a2 + b2"
pow(x, y)Calculates xy
atan2(y, x)Arcus tangents of x/y, i.e. calculates the angel between (0,0) and (x,y) in radian.

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