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Industry graduate school IBM Deutschland GmbH

Under the auspices of its two managing directors Dr. Walter Meizer and Dieter Münk IBM Germany Storage Systems GmbH had installed the first industrial-graduate program for industrial applications of stochastics in Germany in cooperation with the research group "Stochastic models in engineering science" at the Clausthal University of Technology. With this faciulity young scientists of mathematics and computer science should get an opportunity to do application oriented researchIn early 2002, the last two participants of the college have been successfully doctorate and taught in demanding positions. As part of the project which was equipped by IBM with a total of over EUR 500 000 not only excellent young scientists have doctorated but also numerous other academic work was supervised and funded. Some of these developments have already matured to patentability and were among others presented at Cebit and Hannover Messe 2002In turn, employees of Clausthal University of Technology came as visiting scientists to Mainz to test in the production of IBM applying new mathematical planning methods and to hold in-house lectures.

With this project we want to educate not only excellent performance but also provide them with early practical experience, so that they can become successful in academia or in industry. So this project can be seen as a logical continuation of the dual training principle, as has been practiced by the professional academies for years.

Given the great success of this project IBM and Clausthal University of Technology already considering to provide with partners from other sectors and with the support of a public sponsor the College on an even larger foundation and offer a practical alternative managed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft research training program.


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