Technology transfer

The importance of mathematical methods for industrial practice is recognized at increasing extent by both sides: by the research as well as by the application. However, the integration of mathematical methods in operational workflows a difficult task that requires good coordination and can only succeed in trusting cooperation with the management and the affected users. That is why we advocate for integrated training concepts that we practice in both the doctoral level as well as in continuing education. We provide our know-how as part of service contracts.

Industry projects

In the field of stochastic modeling of production and logistic systems, we closely work with IBM Deutschland GmbH, Dillinger Hütte AG and Deutschen Lufthansa AG.

Strategic alliances

In the working world, a paradigm shift is emerging. Distributed work leads to detachment of traditional departmental structures and working arrangements. This development is accompanied by an increasing transformation permanent in project-based, temporary employment contracts. For our graduates it is becoming increasingly difficult to find adequate employment. Conversely, companies find it difficult to acquire the right skills. Therefore, we have formed strategic alliances with selected companies. The aim of this alliances is to conduct joint research and to bring the results in a timely manner to the application. In addition, these alliances are to ensure that our graduates seamlessly can switch from our university to the operations of our partners and vice versa company employees can come for traingings to our university. For reliable coordination of joint projects we have employees who are employed in equal parts at Clausthal University of Technology and at the cooperation partner.


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