Public relations

With this section we want to inform target group oriented about our teaching duties, research and industrial cooperations. Here you will also find popular scientific illustrations of our fields of research and press releases about our involvement in research and teaching. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to act as consultants or speakers.


We support the efforts of our university and of the relevant professional bodies to advertise for more mathematics, science and technology at pupils. We not only visit schools as speakers but also participate in student information days and at Jugend forscht. Although our special area of research is not the subject of school education, some questions of our discipline can be made plausible, creating a relationship to practice. Who found in mathematics fun to probability theory in advanced courses and also is interested in applications would be later overturned with us properly. To give you an idea of our work, we have put together a few examples: 


In the exchange between theory and practice, we see an important university task. To meet the requirements of the practice, we work closely with companies in various industries. Conversely, we want to try out our work results through concrete industrial projects. Our transfer services extend not only to the development of problem-specific solutions, but also to the implementation of related training.




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