On these pages you will find tools with which can be used to visualize some important stochastic relationships directly in the browser:

Queueing systems in genernal

  • Queueing calculator for smartphones
    With the waiting time calculator for smartphones you can, while you stand in line and wait, calculate an extrapolation for your wait. The calucation is based on the formula of Little and therefore requires very little information to calculate an estimate of the waiting time.
  • Queueing calculator
    The queueing calculator makes it possible to calculate various parameters such as the average waiting time, the number of customers in the system and so on for a number of important operating models.
  • Design of queueing systems
    On this page, you can try out what influence the design of a queueing process will have on the average queue length and the average waiting time.

Call center simulator

  • Mini call center simulator
    The mini call center simulator allows to determine the parameters (waiting time, availability, etc.) of a call center system with impatient customers and repeaters and to provide the values that arise according to the Erlang-C formula opposite.
  • Call center simulator
    The call center simulator is a powerful tool for determining the characteristics of different configuration scenarios in real call center systems (with more 100 agents, several locations, different types of customers, etc.). The call center simulator is offered as a commercial application. On this page, you can try a limited version directly in the browser.

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