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Oberseminar AG Mathematische Modellierung 28.11.22 (17:00 Uhr)

Vortrag von Thamsanqa Castern Moyo (TU Clausthal) mit dem Titel „Dissipative solutions and Markov selection to the complete stochastic Euler system"

Das Seminar findet in B7- Raum 309 - Seminarraum B [Mathematik]statt

AbstractWe introduce the concept of stochastic measure-valued solutions to the complete Euler system describing the motion of a compressible inviscid fluid subject to stochastic forcing, where the nonlinear terms are described by defect measures. These solutions are weak in the probabilistic sense (probability space is not a given `priori', but part of the solution) and analytical sense (derivatives only exists in the sense distributions). In particular, we show that: existence, weak-strong principle; a weak measure-valued solution coincides with a strong solution provided the later exists, all hold true provided they satisfy some form of energy balance. Finally, we show the existence of strong Markov selection to the associated martingale problem.


Nachrichtenalter: 17.11.2022 12:57


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