Preprints & submitted papers

  • H.G. Bock, D.H. Cebulla, C. Kirches, A. Potschka, Mixed-Integer Optimal Control for Multimodal Chromatography, Computers and Chemical Engineering, submitted
  • C. Leidereiter, D. Kouzoupis, M. Diehl, A. Potschka, Fast optimal pruning for Markov chain scenario tree NMPC, Automatica, to be submitted
  • S. Göttlich, F.M. Hante, A. Potschka, L. Schewe, Penalty alternating direction methods for mixed-integer optimal control with combinatorial constraints, Mathematical Programming Series B, arXiv:1905.13554, submitted
  • S. Sager, F. Bernhardt, F. Kehrle, M. Merkert, A. Potschka, B. Meder, H. Katus, E. Scholz, Expert-enhanced Machine Learning for Cardiac Arrhythmia Classification, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, submitted

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