Journal papers

Journal papers (with peer review)

  • H.G. Bock, J. Gutekunst, A. Potschka, M.E. Suaréz Garcéz, A Flow Perspective on Nonlinear Least-Squares Problems, Vietnam Journal of Mathematics, 48(4):987–1003, 2020
  • J. Gutekunst, H.G. Bock, A. Potschka, Economic NMPC for averaged infinite horizon problems with periodic approximations, Automatica. A Journal of IFAC, the International Federation of Automatic Control, 117:109001,13, 2020
  • A. Potschka, H.G. Bock, A Sequential Homotopy Method for Mathematical Programming Problems, Mathematical Programming Series A, doi:10.1007/s10107-020-01488-z, arXiv:19.02.06984, 2020
  • A. Potschka, Backward step control for Hilbert space problems, Numerical Algorithms, 81(1):151–180, 2019
  • S. Göttlich, A. Potschka, C. Teuber, A partial outer convexification approach to control transmission lines, Computational Optimization and Applications, 72(2):431–456, 2019
  • H.G. Bock, C. Kirches, A. Meyer, A. Potschka, Numerical solution of optimal control problems with implicit switches, Optimization Methods and Software, 33(3):450– 474, 2018
  • F. Lenders, C. Kirches, A. Potschka, trlib: A vector-free implementation of the GLTR method for iterative solution of the trust region problem, Optimization Methods and Software, 33(3):420–449, 2018
  • H.C. La, A. Potschka, J.P. Schlöder, H.G. Bock, Dual control and online optimal experimental design, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 39(4):B640–B657, 2017
  • S. Göttlich, A. Potschka, U. Ziegler, Partial Outer Convexification for traffic light optimization in road networks, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 39(1):B53–B75, 2017, featured as SIAM News Research Nugget Mathematically Optimizing Traffic Lights in Road Intersections
  • H.C. La, A. Potschka, H.G. Bock, Partial Stability for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, Automatica, 78:14–19, 2017
  • A. Potschka, Backward Step Control for globalized Newton-type methods, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 54(1):361–387, 2016
  • F.M. Hante, M.S. Mommer, A. Potschka, Newton–Picard preconditioners for time-periodic, parabolic optimal control problems, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 53(5): 2206–2225, 2015
  • H.J. Ferreau, C. Kirches, A. Potschka, H.G. Bock, M. Diehl, qpOASES: A parametric active-set algorithm for quadratic programming, Mathematical Programming Computation, 6(4):327–363, 2014
  • A. Schmidt, A. Potschka, S. Körkel, and H.G. Bock, Derivative-Extended POD Reduced-Order Modeling for Parameter Estimation, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 35(6):A2696–A2717, 2013
  • C. Kirches, A. Potschka, H.G. Bock, S. Sager, A parametric active set method for a subclass of quadratic programs with vanishing constraints, Pacific Journal of Optimization, 9(2):275–299, 2013
  • A. Potschka, M.S. Mommer, J.P. Schlöder, and H.G. Bock, Newton–Picard based preconditioning for linear-quadratic optimization problems with time-periodic parabolic PDE constraints, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 34(2):A1214–A1239, 2012
  • A. Potschka, F. Logist, J.F. Van Impe, H.G. Bock, Tracing the Pareto frontier in bi-objective optimization problems by ODE techniques, Numerical Algorithms, 57(2):217– 233, 2010
  • A. Potschka, H.G. Bock, and J.P. Schlöder, A minima tracking variant of semi-infinite programming for the treatment of path constraints within direct solution of optimal control problems, Optimization Methods and Software, 24:237–252, 2009

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